SEO tools are All that Matters Today!

Search engine optimization

On February 26th, 2009. Googles first ever tweet was in binary code and it said Im feeling lucky. That first tweet is actually the that little search engine tool that is located as a tab under the main search bar on their page. This is a great tool, because if you do not know what exactly you want to go search for, then Google has these suggestions for you!

But the thing is, most people who hop on the internet already know what they are about to search for, and this is where SEO tools come into play. SEO marketing is the new and best way to market, because most all first impressions of a product or service today come directly from a companies site, blogs, articles, and reviews by other users on the web. 57 percent of B2B marketers say that SEO has the largest influence on their lead generation, so this is the truth guys. Did I mention that SEO tools are a cheaper way for your company or business to get your name out there? Search engine optimization, which is your in bound leads, costs about 61 percent lower than your outbound leads of cold calling.

According to studies done at the end of 2012, over 70 million users shop using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This is just another important reason for a business to use SEO tools, but they should also seek professional SEO companies in doing so and outsource this task because it will be utterly important to optimize a site for all platforms and browsers. Who would provide the best SEO service you think? Hmmmm, Probably the Seo companies.

If you do end up looking into SEO and attempt to use this online marketing strategy, but you do not have the funds right now to outsource the job, then you can do it on your own, it is very possible. There are SEO tools out there all across the web, and there is also something called Seo reporting and free website graders that can help you know if your site is up to par and optimized correctly. The PageRank algorithm process is named for Larry Page, he is the co founder of Google, so if everything goes well, you can check how your site is doing by seeing where it lies in the Google results pages.


  1. I love the “I’m feeling Lucky” button on Google! I think it is so sweet! it’s like they make me know what I wanna search for lol

  2. I love the “I’m feeling Lucky” button on Google! I think it is so sweet! it’s like they make me know what I wanna search for lol

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