Mobile Users Make SEO More Important Than Ever

Seo marketing

Did you know that 57 percent of business to business marketers say that search engine optimization has the biggest influence on their lead generation? If your company is looking for a way to grow its presence on the internet the best way to do it is by utilizing Seo marketing techniques. Maybe you understand how SEO works but are unsure how effective exactly it is.

Currently almost half of all mobile users, on tablets and smartphones, use their device to research product reviews and find business promotions before making any purchase. Furthermore, 65 percent of users rely on their mobile device exclusively to find a local business in order to make a purchase. By the year 2014, mobile internet usage will surpass the far more traditional desktop usage. Consider the sales potential for your business if it could only tap into this huge mobile market.

In order take advantage of the growing mobile market, as well as the desktop market, businesses should be taking advantage of SEO tools first pioneered by Google. By writing quality, regular content that is friendly to readers and search engines alike, your business will see an increase in web traffic and, in all likelihood, an increase in its search engine ranking. After all, content which gains a high place in Google rankings organically generates 25 percent more click through traffic than those which are sponsored.

The quickest way to optimize your web content and start to increase your search engine ranking is through hiring professionals who know how to utilize SEO tools most effectively. SEO marketing is extremely affordable and is the fastest rising web advertisement method. What are you waiting for?


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