Get Your Business Firing on All Cylinders with the Right SEO Marketing

Online marketing

The founders of Google used LEGO blocks to make a storage compartment for the ten 4GB hard drives they were using to test the PageRank algorithm. Since this research phase of the company, the Google rankings for a website have become essential to the marketing field. Visibility using search engines can make or break a business today.

It is no wonder that many businesses are hiring search engine optimization consultants, when 42% of Internet search users click on the top ranking organic result. Companies are now learning that their investment in becoming sponsored links on search engines was not a sound choice. Up to 80% of people using search engines ignore the sponsored results, and go straight for the organic results.

If you are struggling to gain customers using the internet, you will definitely want to call an SEO reseller today. Not only will they help boost your search engine rankings, but they can often help with email marketing campaigns and social media management. Over 88% of your internet customers, over the age of 14, will browse or research products or services online. Approximately 40% of those customers will do additional research using social media before making any kind of decisions.

All kinds of internet marketing can improve your business, but it is important to remember that above all else, your search engines are your strongest tool. Although email and social media add a great deal to your marketing, 58% of consumers start researching a product or service by using a search engine. This number comes out above the 24% who visit company websites directly, or the 18% that inquire first using social media.

Now knowing how important Seo marketing can be, you will want to find experts that can supply you with all of the right SEO tools. Get your SEO outsourcing specialist to start fine tuning your internet presence today. You will not regret this strategic move, when you start seeing the return on your investment.


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