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Online marketing

There are very few marketing strategies that produce more leads than search engine optimization. Search engine optimization, SEO, aims at increasing a website’s organic search engine rankings on sites like Google. And your Google rankings matter not only because it is the number one search engine in the world, but also because 75% of users never look beyond the first page of search results. So that means…

You guessed it.

If your website appears on the 3rd page, or the 5th page, or the 10th page, chances are that your site may never be seen by them majority of users. That can put a wrench in your sales if you own a company that generates profit from the internet. And even if you have a brick and mortar store, you will need to get yourself noticed on the internet, because 65% of mobile device users key a local business into a search engine to locate it before they head there to make a purchase.

Now you must be wondering how you can incorporate SEO into your marketing schema. SEO experts typically use a combination of SEO tools such as keyword search analysis, link building, social media marketing, and website design to raise search engine rankings. All these tactics are predicated on how users utilize search engines. By reusing the words internet users are likely to type into a search engine about a topic related to your site, your site has a greater chance of gaining visibility. You can organically place these keywords into high quality content on your site, or anywhere on the web, and this can raise the chances that users will click on these keywords, and be directed back to your page.

If the information you post is relevant and helpful, users will be more likely to visit your page again, or share it with their friends on social media, which is another important aspect of marketing. Millions of people have social media accounts, and this can be a great way to interact with users, and gain more customers. This interaction helps reach out to the public, and Google has done this well through their doodles and Twitter. Google’s doodles often commemorate holidays or famous people, and the first one used a Burning Man sketch to tell users that Google founders, Brin and Page, were at the well-known Nevada festival. Google is also active on Twitter, and its first Tweet in 2009 was binary code for “I’m feeling lucky.”

With the combination of these SEO tools, you will generate more traffic to your website, which search engines consider an indication that your site is worth reading. As a result, your website is awarded a higher search engine ranking. Search engine optimization also produces leads that have a 14.6% close rate, which is a 12.9% higher close rate than outbound leads, such as direct mail campaigns or cold calling. And these leads can directly result in increased sales.

So, invest in SEO and get your company noticed. Your success depends on it.

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