Google Is An Important Modern Search Engine


The first ever Google “doodle” was created in 1998 and was an image of the Burning Man, to let people know that the cofounders of the search engine, Brin and Page, were attending the famous event in Nevada. Google is a company that has always done things in a very unique way. Today, it is important for companies to have sufficient Google rankings so that they will get seen by people that use the site to find what they need. Invest in the Internet marketing that will help your organization improve its search engine rankings with ease. Search engine optimization is one of the best ways for any company to get seen regularly on search engines.

Being present on Google is important because of the high popularity of search engines. About 88 percent of web users in the United States that are over the age of 14 will research products on the web in 2012, and about 40 percent of that population will follow up on social networks. More than 55 percent of consumers start their research of a product or service on a search engine, whereas only 24 percent visit company web sites and only 18 percent use social media sites. Leads that come from search engines like Google are also much less expensive. Inbound leads that come from SEO are 61 percent cheaper than leads that come from outbound sources, such as cold calling.

To improve your Google ranking you need to find a company that offers dependable search optimization services. The best specialists in SEO will talk to you about how they can improve your Google ranking and what sort of benefits this will provide for your business. When you have a high presence on Google you will also get seen more by people that use mobile devices to search. Just under half of mobile device users report that they look up promotions or product reviews using their mobile device.

A strong web presence is important for modern businesses that want to be successful. Search engines are some of the most crucial sites for a company to get seen on. Take some time to select a top notch provider of search optimization and your company will reap the benefits of a strong web presence, which will lead to more customers and a larger amount of sales so that your company can stay successful and be competitive with other organizations operating in your industry.

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