These Three New Tips Will Help You Out with SEO in 2013

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Did you know that an incredible 90% of online experiences begin with a search engine? Think of how often you type queries into Google or Bing without even thinking about it. In fact, billions of searches are conducted every week, and many of these users are looking for the types of products or services that your business sells.

It’s important to rank high in search results. No one is going to click on your site if it appears on page four, and only 20% of people ever click on ads, period. SEO content marketing, or Search Engine Optimization, is the answer to your problem. Here are three new SEO tips to help you out.

1. Speed Up Your Website

Take a quick personal tour of your website. First by desktop, then by phone. How long does it take to load? If the answer is “longer than four seconds,” you have a problem. Studies show that the majority of consumers, or about 60%, navigate away after hitting the five second mark. Anything after two isn’t much better; you’re basically settling for a little less of a loss. A good web designer can help cut down on your speed. This will help you two fold. Not only are people more likely to click (helping you raise your rank), but Google itself actually rewards less design weighty websites over their slower counterparts.

2. Essentials for Mobile SEO

According to Search Engine Watch, 25% of all searches take place on mobile devices. They point out that you need to differentiate between desktop and mobile SEO. Certain keywords are very mobile specific, since people searching for information on their phone are more likely to need that information immediately. Hence, keywords like “coffee” or “restaurants near me” are hot. Because mobile screens are smaller, titles and meta descriptions could be about 60 to 100 characters long, tops.

3. Repeated SEO Tips: Keep a Blog

We’ve said it before in SEO tips, and we’re just going to keep saying it. Keep a blog, and update it frequently! Maybe you already do that, though, and haven’t seen it help your rank much. Start incorporating related videos, images and infographics into every post. Cap every entry at 400 words. Make sure commenting is allowed, and easy for users to access (can they sign in through Facebook?). Use pointed lists to reign focus both your own writing, and the attention of the reader. Don’t be afraid to give away tips of the trade- your reader won’t become an expert plumber anytime soon. But they want to be assured that you ARE one.

Do you know some search engine optimization tips and tricks?

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