Do You Understand what Search Engines are Looking for? Three Daily SEO Tips

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Everyone might be telling you that you need SEO for your business website. Is it true? Does SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, matter? Yes, and it is all about visibility and directing interested clicks to your website. Google alone receives billions of search inquiries every week, and 89% of consumers now use search to research new purchases.

If you do not rank high in Google results for your target keywords, you will fail to connect with an incredibly large audience. You can use PPC, but keep in mind that 79% of users claim to rarely or never click on ads. Ready to improve your SEO? Then here are three SEO daily tips to get you started.

1. Align Your Link Campaign Properly

A lot of SEO beginners believe that building a bunch of random links will help push website rankings. While it might assist you in the short run, this is not a long term strategy. SEO needs to be aligned with the new link variables determined by what search algorithms prefer, and they are participation, link age, relevancy, diversity, and consistency. In other words? Encouraging comments and posting engaging content definitely helps.

2. Blog for Views

Did you know that businesses without blogs are now in the minority, and 85% of companies say their blogs are useful, critical or important? This is not surprising given the advantages blogs espouse on their hosting websites. Sites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages, and 92% of companies that blog multiple times a day have gained at least one customer through it. Add a blog, update with interesting information relevant to your site, and post frequently.

3. Understand what Search Engines are Looking For

If you do not know what the Google algorithm rewards or punishes, how can you really know what content to push? Understanding it is key to getting higher rank, and should be at the top of all SEO tip guides. Did you know that Google hates duplicate content? If it finds your information posted elsewhere online, it is not going to assume you have much to offer its users. Not only should you be posting original content, but this extends to product descriptions as well. When you copy paste exact manufacturer information, you might as well put up a sign that says Please Pass Over My Site.

What SEO daily tips and tricks do you know? Let us know in the comments!

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