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These Three New Tips Will Help You Out with SEO in 2013

Search engine optimization tip

Did you know that an incredible 90% of online experiences begin with a search engine? Think of how often you type queries into Google or Bing without even thinking about it. In fact, billions of searches are conducted every week, and many of these users are looking for the types of products or services that your business sells.

It’s important to rank high in search results. No one is going to click on your site if it appears on page four, and only 20% of people ever click on ads, period. SEO content marketing, or Search Engine Optimization, is the answer to your problem. Here are three new SEO tips to help you out.

1. Speed Up Your Website

Take a quick personal tour of your website. First by desktop, then by phone. How long does it take to load? If the answer is “longer than