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The Cool Things Found When Discovering SEO News

Search engine rankings

With more than 100 billion searches made online on a global scale each month, it certainly makes sense why so many companies would want to invest at least a portion of their marketing budgets and campaigns into online marketing technologies like search engine optimization. Often called SEO by industry experts and novices alike, this Internet marketing tool drastically ups the appearance of any kind of website using a series of strategies. These strategies ultimately matter less for companies than the results themselves, but both are thoroughly described with any SEO news people find online.

Lots of this SEO news revolves around the rankings put together by the top search engines, including Google, which sent out its first tweet Feb. 26, 2009, in binary code that translated to mean I am feeling lucky and which named its now famous PageRank complex algorithm for SEO after Larry Page, one of the company’s original founders. This company is by no means the only one taking up the discussion on SEO news sites, but it certainly takes up a good portion of the space, since it has long been considered the company to follow in this sphere of influence. Google is just one of many companies that understand SEO and how it better positions companies for success.

Lots of SEO news as well revolves around the main benefits of utilizing such a service. There are tons of advantages to utilizing SEO, including the notion that results that show up via SEO are considered to be organic in nature. And since 42 percent of all Internet users will click on the organic result with the highest ranking, it proves just how important SEO is. Experts will dissect this information and will tout the main benefits of going with an SEO program, and the top benefits to reselling SEO as well.

Lots of SEO news also talks about the various ways that people search for things online, including the 58 plus percent of consumers that will search for products and services using search engines, the 24 percent who will go directly to company websites, and the 18 percent who will inquire about these products and these services via social media sites. What this SEO news does is break it all down and make it comprehensible to as many people as possible. It makes it easily digestible for everyone, including those folks who have no clue what SEO means or what it even stands for.