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Search Engines and Their Role on the Web

Search engines

With more than 100 billion searches made around the globe on any given month, search engines play such a crucial role in the online world today that it is a real wonder how anyone found anything before they arrived on the scene. Google, which sent out its first tweet in 2009 under the binary code translated “I’m feeling lucky,” started it all too and since then has captivated online audiences around the world with its cutting edge tools to determine the top companies based on algorithms and rankings. The company has served as a driving force in how search engines should work and how they can work to link up the consumers with the products or services they require.

Through Google rankings, companies can solidify their listings and can poise themselves to be among the very top results on any given page for a search within their criteria. Fifty eight percent of people will start researching a service or product through search engines first before even visiting a company’s website or asking about it through social media platforms, with 24 percent going directly to sites and 18 percent asking about it through social media. And between 70 and 80 percent of online users will ignore any paid sponsored advertising and instead will click on organic links to look up results. Organic click through rates are decidedly higher for online viewers too, or about 25 percent higher than the conversion rates for pay per click advertising. So companies employing systems to make them appear at the tops of these search engines are smart to do so.

The Internet marketing solutions offered through private companies that know search engines inside and out, then, are the places to be contacted for companies lacking in this area. Through useful online marketing tools like search engine optimization, these companies offer vital tools to drive sales up and positively influence the products and the services they offer. Consumers are smarter these days, so businesses are having to be smarter too, with more people relying on Google and other major search engines to give them the answers to the questions they have about these products and these services. Powerful solutions like this are becoming the gold standard, and companies that refuse to adapt to changes will soon be left out in the cold to find other ways to drive sales and compete with companies that use Seo.


SEO Reporting Provides Illumination


Seo reporting can provide you with important information when you want to get the most out of your internet marketing projects and investments. 75 percent of users will not scroll past the first page of results on websites like Google and Bing. Organic results will make a difference if you want users to find your website during their search for products and services online. It is not enough to just put content into place, however. You need to know what is working and what needs to be adjusted to get the best results for a consistent growth. Search engines are always changing the criteria by which they judge websites; sites like Google can have up to 200 unique criteria, many of which you may not know of, and many which will be obvious. The amount of times that a website is clicked is one of those criteria, as is the security of the site, and the general layout. 92 percent of adults will perform at least one search per day in America. SEO reporting may help you to understand how you can reach that market, and make sure that your website is being seen by the right eyes.

Across the world, there are 100 billion searches performed each month online. These results are determined by search engine rankings which are themselves determined by different qualifications that each site will have. Because users are more likely to click on organic results instead of sponsored links, search engine optimization has become an important resource for internet marketing development and integration. With SEO reporting you may be able to get a much more comprehensive view of how your website compares to others, which can include the amount of traffic that it receives and from which sources.

When it comes to browsing for products or research on products, 88 percent of users choose online resources for information, and around 40 percent of users will ask for information through social media before they make a decision. If you want to make sure that you are reaching some of the most profitable parts of your audience, then SEO reporting can reveal the strengths that your current internet marketing efforts have, and weaknesses which will need to be addressed if you want to move forward and increase profitability. Using SEO reporting software and consultation services may be able to provide you with some important answers regarding your next step.